Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Know about British Standard Plug, American Standard Plug, European Standard Plug

Know about British Standard Plug, American Standard Plug, European Standard Plug  

American: 3 pin with one round

British: 3 pins 

European: 2 round pins

What is a shower Panel?

Shower panel is a bathroom device or equipment which you utilize for person hygiene. But with development of modern technology, shower panel does more than just this.

1.Creating unique sense of beauty.
Built to streamline, and with matching accessories, the shower panel becomes quite an option of home development as it builds up the bathroom to further luxuries.

2 Combined showering experience.

A shower panel comes with a basic combination of monsoon shower head which mimics natural raining. 

a handheld shower head for flexible cleansing 

and adjustable body sprayers 

which is a practical use for relieving waist and back muscle stress, especially for these office long hours sitting ducks.

Building Material:
Shower Panel can be categorized to 4 groups.
Namely, Plastic, Tempered glass, aluminum and stainless  steel.

ABS and acrylic are two wildly used industry thermoplastics both of which are processd by injection mold. Thus it is flexible to design a plastic shower panel as they are not bond any forms or shapes.

Tempered Glas
A Tempered Glass shower panel decorates the bathroom by introducing vivid colors at certain varieties which matches the style of which each bathroom is built to.

Due to physical characteristics of the tempered glass itself, tempered glass shower panel features a modern delicacy, a unique sense of beauty as well as a lifetime use with nearly 0 maintainance. 

Plastic shower panels and temerped glass shower panels are 
both favored by females , part of the reason which the light colors they're coming with smoothes body tension in a way which you might have never been awared of , especially during the showering experience

Aluminum Shower Panel and Stainless Steel Shower panels.
Aluminum and Stainless Steel Shower panels both feature a much sturdier metal structrure with enhanced senstaion of gravity.

The treatment for aluminum is basically sandblasting, it creats this shining sliver effect on the alminum surfaces which brightens up the bathroom.

Stainless Steel Shower Panel features modern design, tactile appeal, and cold extravagance. It is something that can not be compared to

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